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Title:: Domination in lowercase. (Homestuck, Jade/Karkat, Humiliation (verbal))
summary: Behind the scenes commentary for Submission in All Caps
content notes: The characters involved are under 18 in canon. However no mention of their canon ages are made in either here or the story itself.
other notes: If you're someone who finds author commentary to be a detriment to enjoying the story, please don't read. I'd much rather people enjoy the story for what it is.

Making of 'Submission in All Caps' )
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Been thinking about Liar Game. (New chapter needs out, or I will start posting my meta)

Been thinking about the Akiyama-Nao team, and how Harimoto basically set up the initial rounds to try and break them. It (seems to have) failed. It's known how Nao saw what Akiyama was trying to do that allowed them to save that bond. But it's also true that Akiyama knew (or probably knew) that Nao didn't team up with Kimura and Mikamoto.

Mathematical (?) proof )

/finishes being late to the party
/finishes doing math instead of working

So anyway, leaving that there, just so I can be smug about it.
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