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Speaking of Liar Game: I caved in and watched the trailer for Liar Game Reborn. AKA the Liar Game sequel without Nao. To tell the truth, I'm a little more reassured now. Not like...OMG yay, like I would be with Nao, but like I'm willing to see what this is about.

Left is Right, Up is Down, Trailers. )

So, there's that. :/
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Since I don't think I've gone on enough about why this is my pet fandom, and why I love it, have a post. I've posted some more general (less squeeful) info here that includes some talk about the drama, as well as links.

The art's not flashy, the actually memorable recurring cast is very small, and the action tends to revolve around things like voting, smuggling money, or an imaginary epidemic rather than huge grandiose plans. And yet... )
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