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Dear Yuletide Writer-Giraffe-Person,

First off, thank you for participating and yay for offering to write in at least one of my pet fandoms. A fic in any of these canons would make me absolutely happy. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to write for me, and above all else, I hope you have fun doing it. ^^

I am a huge fan of female characters of all kinds and female characters being awesome in any and all capacities. I like gen, het, and femslash. Any rating is fine, but I'd rather not see excessive violence or PWP.

My favorite story/plot kinks include domesticity, worldbuilding, unusual modes of transportation, and non-violent action. I am a sucker for canon characters as kids, especially if another character is temporarily forced into a parent/elder-sibling/caretaker role. I don't mind crack!fic, particularly if it features one or more characters getting pets. Angst is nice as long as the ending is happy/hopeful.

I really like quiet stories, slice of life, and character vignettes. I like witty banter and dialogue that conveys more than just what the words are saying. I love powerful but understated shows of intimacy. I like emotional-conflict where all involved are sympathetic. I like crushes, shows of devotion,and I love seeing symbiotic relationships.

I like sexual content if it's there to show something about the character(s) or relationship involved or if it advances the plot. Anything from vanilla to kink is fine. I particularly like reading about a character's fantasies or sexual contact that still leaves more to be discovered.

As far as what I wouldn't like, I hate any kind of character bashing, particularly of female characters. Please don't do darkfic (no character death/excessive violence/non-con). The story doesn't need to be all sugar and rainbows, but I would like there to be at least some hope.

I would prefer not to receive anything with an m/m pairing as the main focus. If the story you come up with has an m/m pairing in the background background, that's fine, but I'd rather the primary focus be on something else. Preferably a female character.

Now onto specific fandom requests.

Empowered (any) )

Final Fantasy XI (any) )

BOSS (Eriko Ozawa, Kimoto Mami, Narahashi Reiko )

Liar Game (any) )

Anyway, I hope that is helpful to you, Yuletide Writer and that it sparks your imagination. Please have a lot of fun with this. ^^
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fandom: Empowered
kink: Food
summary: Set of 29 Empowered icons of Emp, Sistah Spooky, Thug Boy, and Ninjette eating.

Bring your own bad pun. )
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