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Dear Yuletide Writer-Giraffe-Person,

First off, thank you for participating and yay for offering to write in at least one of my pet fandoms. A fic in any of these canons would make me absolutely happy. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to write for me, and above all else, I hope you have fun doing it. ^^

I am a huge fan of female characters of all kinds and female characters being awesome in any and all capacities. I like gen, het, and femslash. Any rating is fine, but I'd rather not see excessive violence or PWP.

My favorite story/plot kinks include domesticity, worldbuilding, unusual modes of transportation, and non-violent action. I am a sucker for canon characters as kids, especially if another character is temporarily forced into a parent/elder-sibling/caretaker role. I don't mind crack!fic, particularly if it features one or more characters getting pets. Angst is nice as long as the ending is happy/hopeful.

I really like quiet stories, slice of life, and character vignettes. I like witty banter and dialogue that conveys more than just what the words are saying. I love powerful but understated shows of intimacy. I like emotional-conflict where all involved are sympathetic. I like crushes, shows of devotion,and I love seeing symbiotic relationships.

I like sexual content if it's there to show something about the character(s) or relationship involved or if it advances the plot. Anything from vanilla to kink is fine. I particularly like reading about a character's fantasies or sexual contact that still leaves more to be discovered.

As far as what I wouldn't like, I hate any kind of character bashing, particularly of female characters. Please don't do darkfic (no character death/excessive violence/non-con). The story doesn't need to be all sugar and rainbows, but I would like there to be at least some hope.

I would prefer not to receive anything with an m/m pairing as the main focus. If the story you come up with has an m/m pairing in the background background, that's fine, but I'd rather the primary focus be on something else. Preferably a female character.

Now onto specific fandom requests.


I'd love an EMP/Ninjette/Thugboy triad where the EMP/Ninjette is just as prominent as both of their ships with Thugboy. Otherwise you could do any story with Sistah Spooky (featuring her and Mindf**k before they broke up or not) or the Caged Demonwolf (post alien bondage gear imprisonment though). I know that canon is just a hop-skip-and-jump away from being porn itself, but I'd rather stay away from explicit sexual content.

Availability: Empowered should be available in the U.S. (though probably more likely in comic shops rather than general bookstores).

Final Fantasy XI

I'd love to have a story based on the Serpent Generals' storylines or a post-Chains of Promathia fic (either shippy or gen) with Ulmia helping Prishe go back to living a normal life. I was also a dragoon and a ranger when I played, so if you wanted to do more with those job's AF storylines, go right ahead.

Availability: If you've got access to the game and ToAU, you can do the Serpent Generals quest pretty easily. Here's a pretty neat vid of the best scenes in the quest line. Otherwise, here's a nice playlist of all the CoP storyline cutscenes if you can't play the game or don't want to spend a lot of time running around visiting Goblin Footprints (or doing CoP missions). One more thing you can do is go to Game FAQs and look up Final Fantasy XI and check out the History of Vana'diel FAQs for background history and the Artifact Armor stories.


Three words: Women being awesome. As long as any one of the characters is featured above I'm good with anything from taking names and kicking ass to Countermeasure Unit hijinks. Post-canon fic with Eriko or a crossover with Liar Game would be two double bonus ideas.

Availablity: BOSSat Dramacrazy

Liar Game

I definitely prefer manga!canon over drama!canon. Nao's my favorite character and you could have her interacting with anyone (on a fairly equal standing) and I'd be happy. I love her in friendship context with Fukunaga, and Nao is my fandom bike shipping-wise. I also love the idea of an Akiyama/Nao/Fukunaga triad. You could also do gen fic with the dealers, especially if it showed the inside workings of the LGT.

I do request a few things if you write anything with Fukunaga. Firstly, please use female pronouns while referring to her (and also don't refer to her using any slurs). Secondly, please don't make the fact that she's trans a huge deal in the story.

If you'd prefer to write drama-canon, a story featuring Eri (Pantsuit Lady) and/or Katsuragi Ryo (S2 villain), possibly interacting with Nao (gen or shippy is fine). I'm not particularly fond of either Akiyama or Fukunaga in this continuity, so I'd prefer them to remain in the background if they show up at all.

Availibility: You can read all 138 chapters of the manga here on Mangafox. You can catch both seasons of the drama and the movie on Dramacrazy.

Anyway, I hope that is helpful to you, Yuletide Writer and that it sparks your imagination. Please have a lot of fun with this. ^^
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