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title:: Kind of a killer suit. (2ne1, Bom, leather latex rubber )
summary: Three graphics of Park Bom working a latex suit. (1 250x750 2 750x250)
content notes: None apply.

Anyone who looks at me can tell I'm kind of a killer. )
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Title:: Domination in lowercase. (Homestuck, Jade/Karkat, Humiliation (verbal))
summary: Behind the scenes commentary for Submission in All Caps
content notes: The characters involved are under 18 in canon. However no mention of their canon ages are made in either here or the story itself.
other notes: If you're someone who finds author commentary to be a detriment to enjoying the story, please don't read. I'd much rather people enjoy the story for what it is.

Making of 'Submission in All Caps' )
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To get the real life stuffs out of the way: My sinuses hate me right now, and I hate being a grown up. Other than that, life is good.

Bingo! )

In a particular writing mood. )
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Tea with a Tonberry (Final Fantasy X-2, Paine/Rikku/Yuna, Plushie or Furry Kink)
summary: Paine hosts a tea party tonberry style. Written for [community profile] help_japan for [personal profile] crankyoldman.
content notes:(skip) No standard notes apply. Bonus kinks: knifeplay, bloodplay, rope bondage.

Paine hosts a tea party tonberry style.
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Miss Breathless - Breathplay
Source: Miss A - Breathe MV
Content Notes: None
Other Notes: Original Video is here, screencaps taken by me, textures in the Jia icons made by [livejournal.com profile] _iconographer

My mind's all white, yeah )

Card is here.
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I'm not sure of the entire logistics that will mean in 24 hours or so, I'm going to have two family-related people things in Seattle calling me embarrassing nicknames and asking with Muu's hotel won't give them free tequila. But yes, tomorrow, I shall see people related to me in person for the first time in two years. And we shall do things together. Yes, things!

Tomorrow, I figure I should call the temp agency and see about setting up an appointment for the week after this one. Then I should see about doing basic housework and stuff in the off chance that they feel the need to see our apartment.

As for the rest of the week, we're doing the U-district and Fremont on Friday. We're touring the chocolate factory, et cetera. And Saturday we're doing Cap Hill, possibly downtown, and dinner at Muu's restaurant. Of course there's the market, and maybe Alki or Golden Gardens or the Zoo or Ballard.

And for more [community profile] kink_bingo.

Four stories, no commentary. )
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Above Deck & Joyeuse (FFXI, Lion Sea Horror, Lion/Charybdis, Tentacles)
Summary: Lion encounters two notorious Sea Monks, also bonus music.
Content notes: None

More reliant on imagination than anything. )

More KB

Aug. 1st, 2010 09:36 am
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Prepare the Masquerade (Privilege of the Sword, Katherine/Artemisia, Crossdressing)
Summary: Katherine helps Artemisia get ready.
Content notes: None

Further notes )

White Wine (and Similar Liquids) (Love Shuffle, Aizawa Airu/Usami Kei, Watersports)
Summary: On their anniversary, Kei wants a reminder of their first meeting.
Content notes: (skip) Bonus Content: Femdom, slapping.

More notes )

Still more thoughts... )

KB Update

Jul. 17th, 2010 10:52 pm
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Domestic Bliss in Apartment 707 (NANA), Nana/Hachi, Genderplay)
Summary: You think: Having a wife isn't so bad.
Content notes: None

Commentary, the usual )

Mixed with Rose and Juniper Circle of Magic, Rosethorn/Lark, Crane/Osprey, past!Rosethorn/Crane, Drugs/Aphrodisiacs))
Summary: Duke Vedris has an interesting commission for Rosethorn and Crane with some interesting aftereffects for them both.
Content notes: (skip) Bonus Content: Light bondage, sensation play, caning.

More of the usual )
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Beyond the White Breakers (Final Fantasy XII,
Ashe, Exposure/Striptease)
summary: Ashe disrobes to detach herself. She swims to forget.
content notes: None.

author's commentary, for those who are into that )

Five Times Kimoto Mami Gets Immobilized, and the One Time She Makes a Move (BOSS (J-drama), Kimoto Mami/Ozawa Eriko, Kimoto Mami/Narahashi Reiko, Bondage (Held Down))
Summary: For Mami, the largest problem with self-defense lessons is that she doesn't mind being held down by Ozawa.
Content notes: (skip) All touching is consensual, but one scenario there is a brief roleplay of a non-consensual situation.

author's commentary part 2. )

At this point I'm 10/25 on squares, including one row that's 4/5 (with the 5th being my free space), if it ends up that I don't have a Bingo by the time the deadline comes around I'll at least have a fairly easy last push. So far that includes 3 icon sets, 1 piece of fanart, and 6 fics. Also if someone wants to give an idea for an unfilled square (even if I already have a bunny) or for an extra, you can do so here.
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fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
kink: body part fetishes (other)
summary: Set of 63 Final Fantasy XIII icons featuring legs. Lots of them. Text-free, and mostly artwork based, but a few in-game shots that might be spoilery.

I tried to be equal opportunity here, but Snow and his stupid baggy pants...*sigh )
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fandom: Empowered
kink: Food
summary: Set of 29 Empowered icons of Emp, Sistah Spooky, Thug Boy, and Ninjette eating.

Bring your own bad pun. )
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One to Ten (Liar Game,
Akiyama, Orgasm Control)
Summary: He always climaxes on a ten, if he climaxes at all.
Content notes: (skip) Passing mention of suicide.

Camera Shy (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live-action), Minako/Rei, Film/Photography)
Summary: Minako does this to help Rei get over her camera shyness, but she has other reasons as well.
Content notes: None

And in further random kb thoughts and plotbunnies )


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