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My names: [personal profile] dagas_isa, shortened to Dagas, or Jais.

Here’s what you need to know about my journal: It’s mine.

It’s a mix of fannish creations, meta, and personal life posts.

Feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe grant access/remove access at will. I usually don’t grant access, but rest assured all the good stuff is public.

I don’t mark posts as safe for work or not safe for work, but I do cut or link potentially NSFW content with ample warning that it is not safe for work. I trust people to exercise their best judgement.

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Dear [community profile] femslash12/[livejournal.com profile] femslash12 writer,

Let me start out by saying thank you for writing for me and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

I don't really have a lot of likes or dislikes in general. The most definite is that my tastes tend toward the lighter side. I can take angst or hardship in my stories, but I'd prefer that the ending be happy or at least hopeful. Slice-of-life, plotty adventure, sloppy makeout vignettes, and porn-with-characterization are all wonderful. Just be true to the characters and canon, and write something you really enjoy writing because that's going to come through.

Oh, and no character bashing. That's my other big no.

Here are some suggestions and clarifications

Listed Fandoms: Homestuck, Sailor Moon, Legend of Korra )

Wild Card Requests: Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII, K-Pop RPF )

Anyway, I hope this helps you out and happy writing!


Aug. 23rd, 2012 08:35 am
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If anyone here still reads this...or reads my fics...or actually has a fic of mine that applies...

1. Link me to a fic of mine that sticks with you, good or bad.
2. Ask me a question about it, from 'Why did you do that?' to 'What happens next?'.
3. I will answer, either in meta or fic form.
4. Adopt the meme if you so choose.
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Oh look, I posted something in honor of piling up stress and Liar Game being rumored to return 8/23.

A Conversation Yet Finished (734 words) by favicondagas isa
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Liar Game
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Akiyama Shinichi/Kanzaki Nao
Characters: Akiyama Shinichi, Akiyama Michiko
Summary: Akiyama tries to find the words to convey something vitally important.
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title:: Kind of a killer suit. (2ne1, Bom, leather latex rubber )
summary: Three graphics of Park Bom working a latex suit. (1 250x750 2 750x250)
content notes: None apply.

Anyone who looks at me can tell I'm kind of a killer. )
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Title:: Domination in lowercase. (Homestuck, Jade/Karkat, Humiliation (verbal))
summary: Behind the scenes commentary for Submission in All Caps
content notes: The characters involved are under 18 in canon. However no mention of their canon ages are made in either here or the story itself.
other notes: If you're someone who finds author commentary to be a detriment to enjoying the story, please don't read. I'd much rather people enjoy the story for what it is.

Making of 'Submission in All Caps' )
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From [personal profile] hamimi_fk

Comment to this post saying "IT'S ADVENTURE TIME!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

1. Video games

I logged into FFXI yesterday.

I am oddly defensive of this game. Beware ranting. )

2. K-Pop

2ne1 is apparently going to be out in the states. (f)x'd Electric Shock was great (especially that Amber gets to sing). Big Bang is going to be in the U.S. for my birthday though haha like I'm going to get to go. Girl's Generation totally ruled with Paparazzi, and SPICA is probably the best new group I've seen debuted, and I hope they're really successful.

Also (if I may digress into Korean Hip-Hop), I decided not to try and learn an e.via song because it was too fast, but that didn't stop me from trying an Outsider song, so IDEK.

3. Writing

Sadly, I haven't done a lot of it. A few drabbles here and there, which I'm sure irritates people, even more than my usual monopolization of the Liar Game fanfic section. I'm hoping that as I get used to my job and the cognitive energy it requires, I will write me.

But I do have an HC bingo card and will sign up for kink bingo too. Plus, I have an outline for that Minako/Rei borked soulbond story. So maybe something will get done.

4. Cats

Oh. That reminds me! Perfect time for a cat pic!

Cat Picture )
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I watched the finale.

Thoughts, in numerical form. )

TL;DR. I do dearly love the series, but I am imagining the epic fix-it fic that untangles this season.
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All posted at Ao3

Two (2) LoK Korra/Asami Satomobile-related drabbles.

Polish and Purr

Air or Breeze

One (1) drabble with Fukunaga getting sorted at Hogwarts

Fukunaga Yuuji versus the Sorting Hat
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1. I'm very much wanting to write meta, especially meta on fannish metadata, and also perhaps something specific to [community profile] kink_bingo talking about how I think about "erotic focus" and how I see it showing up in my own words (or how I would imagine seeing it show up for media that I don't dabble in).

But I'm also really paranoid because even good attention gives me that "eep! attention!" feeling. (I love attention, I love it when something I've written resonates, but it's always overwhelming). And more relevantly, whenever I do this sort of typing and categorizing, I'm always paranoid that they'll end up limiting people's thoughts (bad!) as opposed to encouraging and expanding their thoughts (good!). So there's that.

2. With Ao3s recent instability issues, I'm thinking that I need to implement some kind of new back up system for archiving. I love a lot about the Ao3 archive including the ability to tag, the ability to create pre-made headres, the lack of restrictions on content, and the ease of editing (which is why I made it my default). But now, again, I'm thinking about creating a fic journal on DW, and I've been toying with making really pretty and complete versions of my fics for a long time (a PDF of the "final" version with relevant metadata, including for what/whom it was written and lists of places where it's posted).

3. Been enjoying Korra. I think I ship Korra/Asami/Satomobile and that I want Mako to have a big happy family with everyone, but he should be Forever Alone romantically for the moment.

4. (Mostly) unrelated to the anything fannish. Hekiko, my dear iPod, seems to be on its last legs. Drop the thing in a rain puddle, totally fine. Touch it after failing to thoroughly dry hands after washing them....NOPE.

5. Liar Game really needs to come back from hiatus. :/
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Especially if you're an anime/manga/j-dorama/k-pop/videogame/homestuck/a:tla fan...(really anything that's not a western TV show)

And you're interested in doing a female-character oriented remix challenge...

Please take this poll.

And also perhaps spread the word.

Thank you.

(Yes I would love to participate in something female-character centric that isn't overtly for western fandoms or j-fandoms only)
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One Incurable Existence (2225 words) by favicondagas isa
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Azula/Ty Lee (Avatar)
Summary: In both her fantasies and her bleak reality, the same person torments Azula.
Notes: Consent issues because Azula.
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Hi Brain,

If you could choose one fanfic to write and stick with it til it's done, I'd much appreciate it.


So far in the past week or two I have considered...Includes Korra Spoilers and kinda Homestuck Spoilers? )

Knowing myself, the next fic I post will be none of these.
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Lin Bei Fong's Worst Birthday Ever (328 words) by favicondagas isa
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Toph Bei Fong, Lin Bei Fong
Summary: It was her eighth birthday, and Mother invented Fossilbending.

Notes. )
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Just posted a drabble to [community profile] femslash100

Also posted a slightly different drabble to AO3.

Same fandom, same pairing, most of the same words. The difference?

The version posted to DW is 100 words per my word processor.

The version posted to Ao3 is adjusted to be 100 words per Ao3's word counter.

(Clarification, I don't care how others define "drabble" as it applies to them. But I stand by the fact that my drabbles are 100 words.
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Yes, I might be attempting to figure out how a Liar Game session of SBURB would work (Nao, Akiyama, Fukunaga, and Yokoya as players).

Yokoya on frog-duty. Is all I'm saying for now.
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Been thinking about Liar Game. (New chapter needs out, or I will start posting my meta)

Been thinking about the Akiyama-Nao team, and how Harimoto basically set up the initial rounds to try and break them. It (seems to have) failed. It's known how Nao saw what Akiyama was trying to do that allowed them to save that bond. But it's also true that Akiyama knew (or probably knew) that Nao didn't team up with Kimura and Mikamoto.

Mathematical (?) proof )

/finishes being late to the party
/finishes doing math instead of working

So anyway, leaving that there, just so I can be smug about it.
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I have glasses and I can see things. It is amazing.


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