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I'm not sure of the entire logistics that will mean in 24 hours or so, I'm going to have two family-related people things in Seattle calling me embarrassing nicknames and asking with Muu's hotel won't give them free tequila. But yes, tomorrow, I shall see people related to me in person for the first time in two years. And we shall do things together. Yes, things!

Tomorrow, I figure I should call the temp agency and see about setting up an appointment for the week after this one. Then I should see about doing basic housework and stuff in the off chance that they feel the need to see our apartment.

As for the rest of the week, we're doing the U-district and Fremont on Friday. We're touring the chocolate factory, et cetera. And Saturday we're doing Cap Hill, possibly downtown, and dinner at Muu's restaurant. Of course there's the market, and maybe Alki or Golden Gardens or the Zoo or Ballard.

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1. Bought dress for graduation and managed to get my hair cut yesterday (too short even for pigtails). The dress is nice because it's probably the only formal thing I own now that isn't about absolute cleavage. (I could have worn spaghetti!dress with a black cami underneath, but I like this one too. It's bright and poppy.

2. K-book can now dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu. That's pretty awesome, and will give me something to play with in the coming future. I miss having the opportunity to dual-boot, and the new Ubuntu looks so much more polished than the versions I'm used to.

3. I finished my internship evaluation, and reflective narrative, so the last thing I really need to do this quarter is make the minor corrections to my thesis and turn them to a PDF and then burn that to CD. Which means that I might end up choosing to reformat it into something pretty and not deal with a document mangled across three computers, three operating systems, Word 2003, Word 2008, and Open Office.

4. Graduation is Friday! Then I need to find a job. *sigh*

5. So anyway, I got a letter from Mom on Tuesday. Apparently the parents are actually going to be getting the interweb as a result of my dad's new job (I haven't quite gotten that yet). I'll probably end up pushing my mother into getting a Facebook account, just because 1) I don't post anything too embarrassing or fannish up there, and 2) It might be easier to keep in touch with them, since I absolutely hate cell-phones and they live 2000 miles away.

6. Also parents and family might be making the trip up to Seattle. Now if only Seattle can get to the point where it's like "summer" and not, "this weather hasn't changed since February" (which is true because Feb was sunnier and like maybe only slightly less warm).

So, today.

May. 17th, 2010 01:36 pm
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John Medina, author of Brain Rules, gave a presentation to my class this morning. Mostly it was an amazing, engaging presentation, about the brain, about why he didn't include anything about food and/or nutrition in the book, how power-points are the worst thing ever for engaging the brain, why we can't mutli-task, etc. But one thing pretty much ruined it for me.

Understanding that John Medina is a neurologist. And that he literally wrote a book on how to use brain's characteristics to engage people and help them learn, and that he knows what makes neurons light up...I'm not sure what to think about this.

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So anyway, I e-mailed one of the teachers and basically explained my reaction, and suggested that he refrain from using that example in future presentations. And now, I guess to do something fun or funnish.
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1. I managed to complete the first draft of my thesis today. I still need to add more citations, take screenshots and make them pretty and explainy, and create fun charts, graphics and tables, but the core writing has been done. Zero to approximately 30 pages done in one week. Would have been done sooner, but I was lazy on Thursday and Saturday.

2. So, there existed a possibility that one of my fics was being ranted about on fanficrants. So I ended up leaving a question just to make sure (specific story might indeed be worthy of ranting about, but quite objectively not for the reason the ranter was saying), turns out it was some other fic they don't quite remember. But heh, got an interesting response from hir.

"Wait, are you the author on the Pit that wrote the really depressing Fukunaga/Akiyama fic where they were both kind of drunk and she kissed him and he turned her down, and to add insult to injury it was heavily implied that his reason for turning her down was because he saw her as a guy?

Because that story almost made me cry. And that's a compliment, since I rarely actually care about what happens in fic."

So uh yeah, that's kind of an awesome response to the fic (also, authorial intent being meaningless, I don't think I've shared my interpretation of why Akiyama turned her down, because multiple interpretations are yummy).

3. Speaking of other fanfiction stuff, I've gotten two requests to do a sequel of "Corruption of Kanzaki Nao"... particularly one where Akiyama finds out about what happened. While I'm certainly not averse to the idea, I'm not sure if I can make it safe for the Pit. Especially because some of the better jokes would definitely push it into explicit territory. But this is probably the first time I've actually had more than one person request a sequel.

Oh yeah, and I managed to get my FF Exchange fic in on time. I'm proud. Now to work on my LGBT fest fic, which is still stuck in the mire of PoV switching, and I haven't even started rewriting the part with the aliens yet.

4. And in yet more Liar Game news, vol 12. is coming out soon. The cover is kind of awesome. Probably one of my favorites of the covers so far. So I guess I'm going down to Kinokuniya soon to get a copy ordered.

5. TILTH! Muu and I finally go around to having his birthday/our online-anniversary dinner at Tilth again. We do have pictures of yummy foods and even one of us at the table. Also, Friday was absolutely gorgeous, and after spending the day in the student lounge, being able to eat out on the Patio was especially appreciated.

6. We might actually see a movie in the theater Wednesday. Alert the presses. It goes something like this.

Muu: "Hmm...how about we go see a movie. We haven't been to one in a while." (for reference's sake, last one we saw in the theaters was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)
Me: "You just want to see Iron Man II -.-"
Muu: "We did see the first one in theaters."

7. I don't know what to put for seven, but it's a lucky number, so let's end this here. Happy birthday, J-chan! ♥♥♥
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