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title:: Kind of a killer suit. (2ne1, Bom, leather latex rubber )
summary: Three graphics of Park Bom working a latex suit. (1 250x750 2 750x250)
content notes: None apply.

Anyone who looks at me can tell I'm kind of a killer. )
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Dear Yuletide Dromedary:

Hello, and thank you for being my Yuletide author. These three fandoms are near to my heart in various ways, and I’m so happy to know you offered to write for one or more of them.

The first thing you should know: I am a huge fan of female characters. I love het, femslash/yuri, and female-focused gen. My tastes run more to the fluffy/happy side, but I don't mind angst or bad things happening in the story just as long as the ending is happy or hopeful. I don't mind high ratings, but I don't want excessive violence or a straight-up PWP fic. If there's sex, I want it to be a vital part of the story and specific to the characters, not just for the sexy factor.

I don't mind m/m as a background element, but I would prefer the story be more focused on at least one female character, even then.

As for things I definitely would not enjoy: Character bashing of all types, sad depressing grimdark stories with little hope to be found, excessive violence, character death, and non-con. The story doesn't need to be all sunshine and rainbows, but there does need to be some light.

Now for some fandom specifics:

Liar Game )

Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense Music Video )

Final Fantasy XI )

Anyway, good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with. =D
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Flooding your reading page with k-pop icons.

Well, only 96 of them.
[36] 2ne1 - UGLY mv
[54] SNSD - The Boys mv
[06] f(x) - Victoria + Amber

Icons. Icons. Icons. )
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56 icons from B.E.G.'s Sixth Sense MV

Preview: miryo, rawr close up gain, scream jea, arm raised

Follow me to the new world. )

Icons are good for bases, but please credit me.
Comments are lovely.
Hotlinking is not lovely. Don't do it.
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Preview: Jia, white shirt, orange hair Min, popping a cherry Suzy and Fei and rainbow targets
See the subject line. That's what's here. )

Icons are good for bases, but please credit me.
Comments are lovely.
Hotlinking is not lovely.
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Miss Breathless - Breathplay
Source: Miss A - Breathe MV
Content Notes: None
Other Notes: Original Video is here, screencaps taken by me, textures in the Jia icons made by [livejournal.com profile] _iconographer

My mind's all white, yeah )

Card is here.
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For [community profile] chromicons challenge:

[25] Kpop Icons
[8] 2ne1
[6] SNSD
[3] Brown Eyed Girls
[3] Rainbow
[2] f(x)
[2] Big Bang
[1] BoA

Whimsy challenge )
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