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Dear Yuletide Dromedary:

Hello, and thank you for being my Yuletide author. These three fandoms are near to my heart in various ways, and I’m so happy to know you offered to write for one or more of them.

The first thing you should know: I am a huge fan of female characters. I love het, femslash/yuri, and female-focused gen. My tastes run more to the fluffy/happy side, but I don't mind angst or bad things happening in the story just as long as the ending is happy or hopeful. I don't mind high ratings, but I don't want excessive violence or a straight-up PWP fic. If there's sex, I want it to be a vital part of the story and specific to the characters, not just for the sexy factor.

I don't mind m/m as a background element, but I would prefer the story be more focused on at least one female character, even then.

As for things I definitely would not enjoy: Character bashing of all types, sad depressing grimdark stories with little hope to be found, excessive violence, character death, and non-con. The story doesn't need to be all sunshine and rainbows, but there does need to be some light.

Now for some fandom specifics:

Liar Game

This is something of a pet fandom for me. I have this post from last year's Yuletide, in which I ramble about what I like about the canon.
If possible, I'd like fic about the manga canon instead of the drama. If you're writing Fukunaga, I very much insist that she be written as a woman and referred to with feminine pronouns. Nao is my favorite character, so it'd be great if she could be the hero.

I don't mind Akiyama/Nao shipping, but I'd love it if the story were focused on something else (I love the pairing, but most of the Liar Game fic that does exist is straight-up Akiyama/Nao). A sweet Fukunaga/Akagi story would be neat, as would a sedoretu with Akagi and Nao as the morning man and woman and Akiyama and Fukunaga as the evening man and woman, respectively.

Genfic wise, either a well-thought out game scenario or a slice-of-life story where the characters are interacting outside of the game would both be appreciated.

Availability: The entire series is available here.

Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense Music Video

Such a fun music video. You could probably do just about anything here, and as long as it ended on a fairly upbeat note, it would be great. Both gen or f/f would be welcome here, so go with whatever tickles your muse. Jea and Miryo are my favorite members of the Brown Eyed Girls, so it would be great if one or both of them were strongly featured.

Some suggestions: I'd really love to see a story about them each escaping the mansion, either separately or together. Or, if you wanted to write a long story, I want to know more about the background of the video. What are they fighting for? Who locked them up? Where does the scene with them all dancing fit in?

Availability: Right here. That's the whole canon.

Final Fantasy XI

FFXI will always have a place in my heart, even though I don't play so much anymore. I have some character specific requests here, but really I just want a) Lady NPCs getting lots of screentime and b) a real sense of immersion in Vana'diel. I should mention here that the character list is an OR list not an AND list. So Shantotto OR Perih Vashai OR Semih Lafinha OR Ulmia, not necessarily all of them. Though if you want to try more than one... I'm not going to object.

Shantotto, Perih Vashai, Semih Lafinha: Viva la Windurst! No really, Windurst has always been my favorite of the starting cities, and these three are some of my favorite characters in there. If you know the Ranger artifact storyline, I'd love to have a story where Perih Vashai and Semih Lafinha are awkwardly trying to figure out this mother-daughter relationship thing after being separated for 20 years. Otherwise, I'd like to see anything about these character's daily lives in Windurst. Other than Semih Lafinha/Star Sybil or Semih Lafinha/Ajido-Marujido, I'd definitely prefer gen here. Other NPCs are welcome to join too.

Ulmia: I really like Ulmia, but she does tend to get overshadowed by Prishe, so I'd like to see more from her point of view. Any part of the storyline is fine, pre-Chains of Promathia, during-Chains of Promathia, or post-Chains of Promathia. Gen or friendship/pairing fic with Prishe is fine, but I'd love it if the focus stayed on Ulmia.

Availability: The CoP cutscene playlist here on YouTube. Everything else would require some time in game.

Anyway, good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with. =D
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