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There are four of them, surprisingly few. This are the "official" evolving versions (i.e. the one that should be considered the "updated" version, at any given point in time).

From the Desk of Bubbles: Things I Will Keep Doing as a Boy FTM Bubbles fic, for [personal profile] torachan's Transfic Mini-Fest. Also, apparently the first Powerpuff Girls fic at Ao3.

Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women Dead Like Me fic for another Transfic prompt, featuring an Intersex!Daisy.

Area of Expertise Liar Game fic. It's the Zombie Apocalypse, and Fukunaga is ready to kick ass. I already posted this, but the evolving version is going to be at Ao3.

The "You" You See in the Engine. Space Cases/Firefly crossover. Apparently Jewel Staite gets typecast as engineering geniuses. Just saying.
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Title: The "You" You See in the Engine.
Fandom: Firefly/Space Cases
Characters: Kaylee, Catalina
Rating: G
Summary: When you look into the engine you can see her eyes, and if you look even deeper you can see yourself.

You always knew the ship was alive. )
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