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My names: [personal profile] dagas_isa, shortened to Dagas, or Jais.

Here’s what you need to know about my journal: It’s mine.

It’s a mix of fannish creations, meta, and personal life posts.

Feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe grant access/remove access at will. I usually don’t grant access, but rest assured all the good stuff is public.

I don’t mark posts as safe for work or not safe for work, but I do cut or link potentially NSFW content with ample warning that it is not safe for work. I trust people to exercise their best judgement.

Here’s what you need to know about me: I’m a girl in my 20s with a woefully underused master’s degree. I’m white, cis, and of indeterminate sexuality. I’m married to the duckling known as [personal profile] muusu and we have three kitties: Skript, Shan, and Jido.

I consider myself to be both sex-positive and pro-choice in the most expansive interpretations of both those terms. Beware, I am a sex-nerd.

I am also a food-nerd. I love food; I love culinary pursuits. I have no issue with spending large portions of my disposable income on a really sublime meal. I am also a food snob of sorts, in that I believe that once the quantity of food hits “enough” that quality of food is at least as important as the amount.

Occasionally, I talk about Operation Dancy Pants, which is an informal exercise routine of mine.

I’m also introverted and socially awkward as hell (both of these things, actually).

Here’s what you need to know about my fandoms:

I am mostly an anime/manga/JRPG/kpop/dorama fan. I also write in Yuletide-qualified fandoms at a moment’s notice.

Final Fantasy is my only “large fandom” and mostly those in the main series that are numbered IX or higher.

I am still obsessed with Liar Game. Always.

My favorite Kpop groups are: Girl’s Generation (SNSD), 2ne1, Big Bang, and Brown Eyed Girls.

I am a female character fan. Full stop. I pretty much ship het and yuri exclusively. IDC whether you like slash or fanglee over male characters, but I have a vanishingly low tolerance for straight up female character bashing or het/yuri hate.

I write lots of fanfic, and occasionally post them, or links to them here. Mostly though, they live on Archive of our Own. Here’s the (occasionally updated) master list. I also write bits and pieces of original fic.

I also overthink fandom and writing to a great extent, and post some of those thoughts here. Most of my opinions come from my own experiences as a writer of fanfiction and/or as an observer of patterns in “large fandom” meta contrasted with my own experiences as a small fandom writer. I don’t pretend to be an expert at anything, but I will say if I talk about it, I’ve at least tried it out or seriously juxtaposed someone else’s freely given words against my own experiences.

Master Fanfiction List
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