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Master List of All Dagas Isa Fics Posted at Archive of Our Own

Stories are listed by fandom, and provide title, rating, characters, and keywords.


  • Gen, Het, and Femslash

  • Short, Introspective Pieces

  • Mutli-Part Projects of Limited Scope

  • Fun (and sometimes kinky), Consensual Sex

Does Not Contain:
  • Boyslash

  • Action Filled Epics

  • Nail-Biting Cliffhangers

  • Unwarned-for Violence, Character Death, and Non-Consensual Sex

Ratings Guide
G (General Content) -- No Sex, No Violence, No Swearing
T (Teen Content) -- Swearing/Non-Explicit Sex/Non-Graphic Violence
M (Mature Content) --Explicit Sex/Non-Explicit Kink/Graphic Violence
E (Explicit Content)-- Very Explicit Sex/Explicit Kink/Extremely Graphic Violence


Out of the Blue Box  -- (T) Original Characters, Morphing Technology, Transgender, Social Implications, Passing Mentions of Drug Use/Non-Con/Abuse

Mr. Fangor's Garden -- (G) Elfangor/Loren, Garden, Domesticity, Marriage, Human-Alien Cultural Exchange.

An Andalite's Guide to Courting Humans -- (G) Elfangor/Loren, Five Things, Alien PoV, Bittersweet

Skipping Ahead -- (G) Gen, Ax, Really Short, Post-Canon

Avatar: Legend of Korra

Polish and Purr -- (G) Korra/Asami, Drabble, Satomobile, Female-on-Female Gaze

Lin Bei Fong's Worst Birthday Ever -- (G) Gen Toph Bei Fong, Lin Bei Fong, Mother/Daughter Relationship, Dinosaurs.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Late Night Games -- (M) Azula/Ty Lee, Dom/Sub Play, Verbal Humiliation, Electricity

One Incurable Existence -- (T) Azula/Ty Lee, Dubcon Fantasies, Break Up, Imprisonment

Azumanga Daioh

Too Small, Just Right -- (G) Chiyo/Sakaki, Post-Canon, Quiet Afternoon, Pets


All the Ways You're Wrong and So Right -- (E) Yoruichi/Soi Fon, Unrequited Love, Hot Springs

The Lengths That I Would Go Through -- (G) Ukitake/Shunsui, Yamamoto, Unohana, Pre-canon, School Story, Crush, Whoa! Yaoi

Defining Shinigami -- (T) Unohana, Yamamoto, Minazuki, Gen, Pre-canon, Origin Story, Violence, Vague Apocalyptic Themes


Five Times Kimoto Mami Gets Immobilized, and the One Time She Makes a Move -- (E) Mami/Eriko, Crush on a Boss, Being Held Down, Sexual Fantasies, Self-Defense.

Putting You Down -- (E) Eriko/Reiko, Rival!Sex, Femslash, Catty Remarks

After Nodate-kon -- (G) Eriko, Nodate, Unrequited love, Drunken conversations, Kind of het

Cat Street

The Closest Place to Forever -- (G) Nako, Kouichi, Keito, Sarina, Gen, Het, Yuletide, Post-Canon, Personal Closure

Circle of Magic

Mixed with Rose and Juniper -- (E) Rosethorn/Lark, Crane/Osprey, past!Rosethorn/Crane, Aphrodisiacs, Light Bondage, Sensation Play

A Very Livable Arrangement -- (G) Lark/Rosethorn, Moonstream, New Roommate, First Meeting

Dearest Friend -- (M) Sandry/Daja, Drabble, First Time


The "You" You See in the Engine -- (G) Firefly/Space Cases, Catalina, Kaylee, Same Actress, Multiple Identities

Misdirection -- (G) Liar Game/Boss, Kanzaki Nao, Hanagata Ippei, Fukunaga Yuuji, Ozawa Eriko, Investigation

Unclean Escape -- (G) Liar Game/Boss, Akiyama Shinichi, Ozawa Eriko, Unfortunate Interrogation

Alchemy off the Coast of Ivalice -- (T) Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII, Rikku, Penelo, Adventure, Social Connections, Alchemy, Friendship, Big Bang

Thank You for Your Donation to the Wayward Girls' Fund -- (G) St. Trinian's/Lost Girl, Gen, Annabelle Fritton, Kenzi, Epistolary Fic

Dead Like Me

The "Fun" of Middle Management -- (T) George, Mason, Seattle-centric, Gen, Swearing

Confectionary Pitfalls -- (T) Rube, Other Reapers, Gen, Christmas

The Reaper's Guide to Squatting -- (T) George, Mason, Gen, Snarky Pamphlet, Finding a Place

Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women -- (T) Daisy, Mason, Gen, Intersex, Non-Linear Narrative

Wax Rainbow -- (T) Reggie, Gen, Waxplay, Family Relationships, Mentions of Pairings, Bisexuality

Final Fantasy IX

Grandpa's Recipes -- (G) Vivi, Quan, Family, Gen, Last Meal

Husband and Wife? -- (G) Vivi/Quina, Gen, Wedding

No More Bedtimes -- (G) Vivi, Dr. Tot, Gen, Staying up Late

The Doll -- (G) Vivi, Gen, "It's Alive!" Unethical Science

Madain Maiden -- (G) Vivi/Eiko, Mog, Het, Puppy Love

Holding On -- (G) Vivi, Beatrix, Kuja, Identity Issues, Gen, Defeat

Between Two Worlds -- (G) Zidane/Garnet, Het, Rooftops, Secret Meetings

The Eyes of Thine Kingdom -- (T) Beatrice/Garnet, Femslash, Chivalric Lust, Faux Formal Style

Manners After Morning -- (G) Garnet/Zidane, Breakfast Etiquette, Drabble

Lessons in Improv -- (G) Garnet/Ruby, Kissing, Cosmetics, Drabble

Final Fantasy X/X-2

Pride of the North Pole -- (G) Kimahri, Gen, Story Collection, Incomplete

Those Who Come Closest -- (T) Yunalesca, Fayth, Worldbuilding

Grandmother's Stories -- (T) Lady Yocun, OFC, Gen, Worldbuilding

Auron's Troublesome Left Arm -- (G) Auron, Braska, Gen, Friendship, Healing

Never Said Good-bye -- (G) Jecht, Gen, Daily Routine, How It Began

Still Half Alive -- (T) Auron/Lulu, Het, Enjoying the Moment, Spoilers

Ghosts of His Past -- (G) Auron, Belgemine, Gen, Awkward Reunion, Spoilers

Levirate -- (G) Lulu/Wakka, Het, Wedding Day Jitters

The Lucan Job -- (G) Rikku, Yuna, Gen, Thievery, Humor, Friendship

Shepherdess -- (G) Calli, Gen, Chocobos, Post-Canon, Wanderlust

Dissatisfaction -- (T) Nooj, Lucil, Leblanc, Paine, Gen, Character Death, Farplane Visits, 

The Most Powerful of Magics -- (T) Rikku/Paine, Femslash, Post-Coital, Blanket-Scenario

She Knows Love -- (T) Rikku/Paine, Femslash, Previous Relationships, Unrequited Love, Falling in Love

Sleepless Girl -- (G) Rikku/Paine, Yuna, Femslash, POV Outsider, Secrets Between Friends

Every Step -- (G) Rikku/Paine, Femslash, Reconciliation, Blitzball

Hidden In sight -- (G) Baralai/Paine, Pre-Het, Workaholism, Tea

The Trouble With Jumpsuits -- (G) Rikku/Gippal, Het, Pregnancy, Silly Disputes

Y-R-P in Position! -- (E) Paine/Yunalesca/Rosa, Yuffie, Femslash, Dresspheres, Voyeurism, Crack

A History of Miss Behavior -- (M) Rikku/Paine, Rikku/Lulu, Rikku/Gippal, Spanking, Discipline, Brattiness

What town is the wishing star watching over now? -- (T) Paine/Rikku, Wantz, Femslash, Then and Now, Cold Snowy Nights

About our Founder -- (T) Yuna, History, Fictional Non-Fiction

A Good Plan Leaves Room for Improvisation -- (G) Rikku, Nooj, Leblanc, Shelinda, Remix, Spy AU, Non-Romantic Kissing

Tea with a Tonberry -- (M) Paine/Rikku/Yuna, Dressphere Shenanigans, Plushie Kink, Knifeplay, Bloodplay

Shoopuf Love Medley -- (M) Rikku/Paine, Fluff, Traveling, Sex on a Shoopuf

Between Shore and Canopy -- (G) Yuna, Wakka, Kimahri, Gen, Double Drabble, Childhood Friendships, Pre-canon

Exchange Rate -- (M) Rikku/Paine, Spanking, Strip Tease Punishment

Hope's Last Reaches -- (E) Yunalesca/Yuna, Tentacles, F!Preg, Dubcon, IdFic, Really Too Many Kinks To List

G.N.O (Goers' Night Out) -- (T) Balgerda/Doram, Celebrations, Drunken Shenanigans, List Format

Final Fantasy XI

Those Tavnazian Girls -- (G) Trion, Ulmia/Prishe, Background Femslash, Faux-Courtship, Elvaan Egos

To Sing to You Your Song -- (G) Original Characters, Drabble Collection, Agoreable

Final Fantasy XII

Waltz With Me -- (G) Balthier/Fran, Dancing, Het

Tokens of the Past -- (G) Balthier/Fran, Funeral, Het

Excuses and Gratitude -- (G) Penelo/Fran, Technical Difficulties, First Kiss, Femslash

A Piece of Home -- (G) Fran/Penelo, Femslash, Grooming, Comfort, Homesickness, Double Drabble

His Pet Viera -- (E) Balthier/Fran, Master/Pet Dynamic, Sex Toys

Nothing To Do -- (M) Balther/Penelo, First Time, Consensual Sex, Het

Dizziness -- (M) Ashe/Fran, Femslash, Diddling

Last Questions -- (T) Gabranth/Drace, Het, Character Death, Tragic Love, Love vs. Duty

Beyond the White Breakers -- (T) Ashe, Gen, Symbolic Nudity, Skinny Dipping

Echoes in a Lovers' Execution -- (M) Gabranth/Drace, Bloodplay, Knife Play, Deathfic, Violence = Teh Sex

Save a Chocobo, Ride a Sky Pirate -- (M) Fran/Balthier/Ashe, Chocobo Play, Training, Brattiness

All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go -- (E) Fran/Penelo, Kinbaku, D/s Elements, Ropes in Naughty Places.

Let's Face the Music and Dance -- (G) Balthier/Ashe, Cool on the Outside, Nervous Wreck on the Inside, Dancing, First Kiss

Just the Music and You -- (T) Fran/Penelo, Lapdance, Improvised Music, Fade to Black

Sharing that Drink Called Loneliness (T) Balthier, Penelo, Drinking, Background Het

Queen's Keeper -- (M) Ashe/Fran, Collaring

The Storybook Code -- (G) Ashe/Penelo, Queen/Servant, Princess Bride Reference

Final Fantasy XIII

A Sorta Fairytale with You -- (G) Fang/Vanille, Femslash, Amuseument Park, Cute Bickering

An Uneasy Incubation -- (T) Fang/Vanille, Femslash, Pre-Game, Torture/Mindfuck 1st Person Plural PoV

Do Not Tread Lightly-- (E) Lightning/Fang, After Battle, Submission, Fisting

Something about Pulse -- (E) Fang/Vanille, Outdoor Sex

Sestry (Sisters) -- (G) Serah, Lightning, Gen, Sibling Relationship, Pre-canon

Soldier's Time Off -- (G) Lightning, Hope, Snow, Gen, Post-Canon, Building a Home

Impulse Drive -- (T) Lightning/Fang, Femslash, First Kiss, After Battle

Greeting Dragons -- (T) Fang, Dragoonery

Well-Preserved -- (G) Fang/Vanille, Background Femslash, Aging or the Lack Thereof

Can't Stay a Dreamer -- (M) Fang/Vanille/Lightning, Lightning/Labreau, Dream Sex, Reluctant Lightning

Pick Me Up -- (G) Fang/Vanile, First Battle, First Kiss, Pre-Canon Spoilers

Not the Whole World -- (G) Snow, Background Snow/Serah, Engagement Shopping

Someone Else's Dream Celebration -- (T) Serah/Vanille, Fang/Lightning, Wedding Planning, Alternate Reality

A Glimpse of How Green It Was -- (T) Fang/Vanille, Backstory, Festivals, Angst

Whetstone -- (G) Gen, Jihl Nabaat, Character Study, Drabble


Dear Departed Mustache -- (E) Zoe/Wash, First Time, Cunnilingus, Fem Dom


Three Reasons Kurt Spends All His Money On Clothes -- (G) Kurt Hummel, Burt Hummel, Gen, Character Piece

Coach Lopez -- (M) Brittany/Santana, Sue Sylvester Impersonation, Authority Figure


Detangled -- (G) Aradia/Kanaya, Hairbrushing, Drabble

Captiv8ted -- (E) Dolorosa/Mindfang, Consent Play, Mind Control, Master/Slave Bloodplay

Skaiamall: War of the Magi -- (T) Rose/Kanaya, Gift-Giving, Competition, Romance, Ridiculous

Submission in All Caps -- (M) Jade/Karkat, Femdom, Playful, Verbal Humliation, Cyber D/s

The Final Ship -- (M) Condesce/Handmaid, Apocalypse Sex, Vignette

Blue Platelet Special -- (M) Kanaya/Vriska, Rainbow Drinker, Blood Drinking, Orgasm Denial, Revenge

In Nomine

Revelation (or the Only Time Dominic Has Ever Had to Ask About Enemas in a Formal Inquisition) -- (M) Litheroy/Andrealphus, Dominic, Enemas, Angel/Demon sex.

Iono-sama Fanatics

Giving Lessons to the Expert -- (M) Iono/Eto, Seduction

Kingdom Hearts

Paper Stars -- (G) Kairi, Sora, Friendship, Gen, Christmas

Promises Released -- (G) Kairi/Sora, Kairi/Riku, Unrequited Love, Franklin's Tale Retelling

Why Ice Cream? -- (G) Roxas, Hayner, Friendship

Painter's Palette -- (G) Kairi/Namine, Rainy Day, Paint, Drabble

Liar Game

Professional Disguise -- (G) Leronira, Gen, Game Mechanics

How They Survived the First Round -- (G) Cast, Gen, Strategy Talk, Canon-Fill

Five Trivial Side Effects of the Liar Game -- (G) Kanzaki Nao, Fukunaga Yuuji, Gen, Five Things

Bad Influence -- (G) Akiyama, Nao, Gen, Male/Female Friendship, Talking Big

The Corruption of Kanzaki Nao -- (M) Fukunaga, Nao, Adult Toy Store, No Sex, Gen

Not a Wrong Number -- (M) Sort-of Sequel, Akiyama/Nao, Phone Sex, Awkward Sex.

Insomnia -- (G) Akiyama, Nao, Gen, Nightmares, Phone Call, Comfort

Teacher's Pet -- (G) Akiyama, Nao, Gen, Alternate-Reality, If She Hadn't Died

Area of Expertise -- (T) Fukunaga, Nao, Akiyama, Gen, Zombie Apocalypse

What Is and What Should Never Be -- (T) Akiyama, Nao, Suicide Attempt, Fallout

Without Trust, We Would Become Desolate -- (T) Akiyama/Nao 50 Sentence Sets

Hopeless Moves -- (T) Fukunaga/Akiyama, One Sided, Transgender POV Character, Alcohol, Kissing

Rite of Spring -- (G) Akiyama/Nao, Kidfic, Time Travel, Past Self, Complete Multi-Part Fic

Secrets of the Foolishly Honest -- (G) Akiyama/Nao, Pre-Het, Character Study

A Small Favor -- (G) Akiyama/Nao, Pre-Het, Take Home to Dad, Father-Daughter Relationship

A Disruption of Routine -- (T) Akiyama/Nao, Het, School Violence, Injury, Reunion

The Key to His Amydgala -- (T) Akiyama/Nao, Het, Post-Coital, Psychology Talk

One Night, Five Invitations -- (M) Akiyama/Nao, Het, First Kiss, Mutual Masturbation

Over the Edge -- (M) Akiyama/Nao, Het, Established Relationship, First Time

Safe Word -- (M) Nao/Akiyama, Het, Light Bondage, Sensation Play, Girl on Top

Experiments in Intimate Geography -- (M) Fukunaga/Nao, Femslash, Mutual Masturbation, Sexual Experimentation.

One to Ten -- (M) Akiyama, Masturbation, Asexual, Orgasm Control

Letting Me Let You In -- (E) Fukunaga/Akiyama/Nao, Threesome, Double Penetration, Male Sub

Any Means Necessary -- (T) Akiyama/Nao, Abortion, Hurt/Comfort

Wishes on Bamboo -- (G) Akiyama/Nao, Tanabata, Fluff, Carnival Games, Het

Open to Opportunity -- (E) Akiyama/Fukunaga, First Time, Handjob, Not What She Expected

All the Small Things -- (T) Yokoya/Nao, Contract, Collar, Maledom, Obedience

When the Masks Come Off -- (E) Kurifuji/others, Background Slash, Threesome, Orgy, Anonymous Sex, Femslash, I AM NOT MESSING AROUND WITH THIS 'E' RATING

Making Peace -- (G) Akiyama, Fukunaga, Cigarette, Impromptu Advice, Tentative Friendship

A Sudden Gust of Wind -- (G) Akiyama/Nao, Consolation, (story is locked to Ao3 members, due to having a much better version of same story below)

All Other Things Being Equal -- (T) Akiyama/Nao, Hurt/Comfort, Suicidal Thoughts, Indirect Confessions of Love

Services Rendered -- (M) Fukunaga/Miura, Professional BDSM, Flogging

The Face that Never Lies -- (G) Manga!Nao/Drama!Nao, Alternate Universe Counterparts, Selfcest, Drabble

Idle Turns of Phrase -- (T) Akiyama, Background Akiyama/Nao, Drabble, D/s Longings

Covert Interference -- (G) Nao/Kurifuji, Drabble, Quick Rescue

Melting that Tired Heart (M) Akiyama/Nao, Sleepy, Cunnilingus, Plot? What Plot?

The Usual Approach -- (G) Akiyama, Akagi, Background Het, Phone Conversation

Lifeline -- (T) Akiyama/Nao, Hurt/Comfort, Minor Illness, Near-Miss Kissing

Girl with the Gold Earring -- (E) Akiyama/Nao/Fukunaga, Voyeurism, Verbal Commands, Seduction Through Teamwork

Love Shuffle

White Wine (and Similar Liquids) -- (M) Airu/Kei, Anniversary, Watersports, Femdom

Mad Men

The Other Woman -- (M) Peggy/Trudy, Drabble, Infidelity


Domestic Bliss in Apartment 707 -- (T) Nana/Hachi, Alternate Universe, Pregnancy, Gender Roles as Kink

Differently Delusional -- (E) Nana/Hachi, Post-Canon, Renunion, Strap-Ons


Acceptable Substitutes -- (T) Lesbian Mercenary, Ivan the Apprentice, Evil Sorceress, Gen, Ransom, Improbable Family Ties

Powerpuff Girls

From the Desk of Bubbles: Things I Will Keep on Doing as a Boy -- (G) Bubbles, Transgender, 5 Things, Adorably Cute

Her Kind of Spice -- (G) Buttercup, Baking

Curriculum Vitae -- (G) Professor Utonium, Faux-Academia

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The time goes (tick tock) flying by (tick tock) -- (G) Homura/Madoka, Homura PoV, Angst, Drabble

Lone Wolf // House Spider -- (G) Mami, Kyoko, Gen, Double Drabble, Magical Girls = Predators

Reinouryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso

Rubies or Sapphires? -- (G) Kyoko, Kaoru, Friendship, Pre-Canon, Costume Details

Sailor Moon

Camera Shy -- (E) Rei/Minako, PGSM canon, Photoshoot, Sex Tape, Spare Moment Together.

Kasutera -- (T) Rei/Minako, PGSM canon, Food-fight, Kissing

Tin Hat -- (T) Rei/Minako, PGSM canon, Fictional RPF, Covert Romance

Dreams (Unspoken, yet Granted) (E) Rei/Minako, PGSM Canon, Post Special-Act, First Time

Don't Mind What's Out of Sight -- (E) Rei/Minako, PGSM canon, Semipublic Sex, Fear of Getting Caught


The Final Confession of Shabhira Moons Stalker -- (G) Original Characters, Pre-canon, History, Could Almost be a Quest Book

Swordspoint Novels

Princely Manners -- (M) Katherine/Artemisia, Crossdressing, Roleplay

Prepare the Masquerade -- (M) Katherine/Artemisia, Crossdressing, Getting Ready


Mascot -- (G) Jump, Daine, Kel, Dog PoV, Smart and Determined Animals

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