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Comment to this post saying "IT'S ADVENTURE TIME!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

1. Video games

I logged into FFXI yesterday.

A few weeks ago, I cam across this secret on tumblr from someone who wished that the Final Fantasy MMO would have taken place in Ivalice and not Vana'diel, claiming that the former is more developed. And...no.

I like Ivalice. I think it's a well developed world, even if it's not a world that I resonate with on the same levels of Spira or Vana'diel. I'm glad it does have so many games that take place there (and glad that there's a set of huge world-spanning games that don't require monthly subscription fess). But Vana'diel is something else. It's huge. At this point there's history, and alternate histories. There's a big stories, and smaller stories, and everyday living, and little anecdotal tidbits.

I know FFXI isn't for everyone, so this isn't so much me asking people to get into it. What I just wish would be clear to people who are fans of the Final Fantasy series in general but have no interest in FFXI is that yes, FFXI is a thing. It's been a thing for almost 10 years. It's Squeenix's most profitable game. People who love it, love it dearly.

2. K-Pop

2ne1 is apparently going to be out in the states. (f)x'd Electric Shock was great (especially that Amber gets to sing). Big Bang is going to be in the U.S. for my birthday though haha like I'm going to get to go. Girl's Generation totally ruled with Paparazzi, and SPICA is probably the best new group I've seen debuted, and I hope they're really successful.

Also (if I may digress into Korean Hip-Hop), I decided not to try and learn an e.via song because it was too fast, but that didn't stop me from trying an Outsider song, so IDEK.

3. Writing

Sadly, I haven't done a lot of it. A few drabbles here and there, which I'm sure irritates people, even more than my usual monopolization of the Liar Game fanfic section. I'm hoping that as I get used to my job and the cognitive energy it requires, I will write me.

But I do have an HC bingo card and will sign up for kink bingo too. Plus, I have an outline for that Minako/Rei borked soulbond story. So maybe something will get done.

4. Cats

Oh. That reminds me! Perfect time for a cat pic!

a brown tabby and an orange tabby laying on a couch together, looking offended

If you'll excuse the mess that is my couch, what makes this picture so special is that those two cats are infamous for "not getting along." Or so they would think. Jido (orange) always tries to provoke Skript (brown), whose still not sure about this multiple cat thing even after five years. Shan (tortie, not pictured) is Jido's sister and a much more assertive cat when it comes to getting affection from those she demands it of. But seeing these two lay together in peace is super rare (this is the first time caught on camera).

5. Anime/manga recs

I'm going to turn this around on everyone, because right now all I can recommend are either stories everyone knows (Sailor Moon) or stories I've been pushing on people for years (Liar Game). I'm not super exploratory with canons.


Recommend me your favorite anime/manga stories, especially with female leads or with a very strong female presence. Yuri is definitely okay. Dark isn't my thing, but I'll take grim and dark if there's a nice batch of hopeful mixed in.
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