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Hi Brain,

If you could choose one fanfic to write and stick with it til it's done, I'd much appreciate it.


The Liar Game SBURB session - Masked session, with Nao, Akiyama, Fukunaga, and Yokoya as players.
Fran/Penelo marriage fic where Penelo is exasperated by just how long the Viera wedding process takes.
Playing around with a Roxy/Jane longing/tragic songfic/filk thingie, including trying to figure out how to phonetic-translate some Korean lyrics.
The sort-of-started PGSM Rei/Minako soulbond gone awry fic, and trying to figure out how to tie all the lines I started together.
Asami dealing with Bolin moving in and promptly trying out all her make-up, skin care, and hair care items, even the really expensive stuff.

Knowing myself, the next fic I post will be none of these.
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