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I watched the finale.

1. I would have far preferred a cliff-hanger. There was too much wrap up in the last five minutes to really close out the story line.

2. Too many ass-pulls for my satisfaction. I wish the avatar state had happened sooner, with the direct confrontation with Amon. I wish Korra had kept her bending mostly lost and spent the next season dealing with learning the spiritual side.

3. I do have to thank Mako for being a perfect illustration about a certain type of male character who's in place to be the audience avatar. You know, the one who gets the girl and who gets to be extraordinary without necessarily needing to go through the hardships of earning it. It's pretty glaring because not only is he not the main character, but most of the other male characters aren't treated that way.

4. Asami deserves a make-out session with Korraa proper break-up.

5. Naga + Pabu = Mascot OTP.

6. Why didn't we see any hints that the Airbenders were captured before we saw them at the rally?

7. Really. The whole thing needed at least a full season's worth of episodes.

8. BTW, if it really had ended with Korra losing her bending and not getting it back by the time the episode ended, I would have defended the shit out of that decision.

9. But no.

TL;DR. I do dearly love the series, but I am imagining the epic fix-it fic that untangles this season.
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