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1. I'm very much wanting to write meta, especially meta on fannish metadata, and also perhaps something specific to [community profile] kink_bingo talking about how I think about "erotic focus" and how I see it showing up in my own words (or how I would imagine seeing it show up for media that I don't dabble in).

But I'm also really paranoid because even good attention gives me that "eep! attention!" feeling. (I love attention, I love it when something I've written resonates, but it's always overwhelming). And more relevantly, whenever I do this sort of typing and categorizing, I'm always paranoid that they'll end up limiting people's thoughts (bad!) as opposed to encouraging and expanding their thoughts (good!). So there's that.

2. With Ao3s recent instability issues, I'm thinking that I need to implement some kind of new back up system for archiving. I love a lot about the Ao3 archive including the ability to tag, the ability to create pre-made headres, the lack of restrictions on content, and the ease of editing (which is why I made it my default). But now, again, I'm thinking about creating a fic journal on DW, and I've been toying with making really pretty and complete versions of my fics for a long time (a PDF of the "final" version with relevant metadata, including for what/whom it was written and lists of places where it's posted).

3. Been enjoying Korra. I think I ship Korra/Asami/Satomobile and that I want Mako to have a big happy family with everyone, but he should be Forever Alone romantically for the moment.

4. (Mostly) unrelated to the anything fannish. Hekiko, my dear iPod, seems to be on its last legs. Drop the thing in a rain puddle, totally fine. Touch it after failing to thoroughly dry hands after washing them....NOPE.

5. Liar Game really needs to come back from hiatus. :/

Date: 2012-06-13 08:32 pm (UTC)
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I'm thinking of writing some meta for [community profile] kink_bingo too. Something about hate!sex... *thinks*

I think I ship Korra/Asami/Satomobile

Ya know, funny you should mention this. I'm not gonna say anything, but I know someone who's been working on a kink_bingo extra before the deadline. *smiles and whistles*
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