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Thinky thoughts on translation/multi-lingual features for Ao3, and my personal fantasy features for making fanfiction translations more accessible for fans. This is a completely tangential spin-off from this post by [personal profile] lian, particularly:

I know a bit about advocating for not yet existing users. The strong parallel I draw is between making the Archive English only, because, well, this is where we're at at the moment -- English-language mediafandom. But I think it would be ineffably sad if we denied our own potential as an organisation, denied ourselves to grow and become richer, because we were unable to consider and incorporate other voices and perspectives. Other languages, other definitions of fannish community, of fanworks.

And particularly this comment thread in that post started by [personal profile] boosette which elaborates on translations features.

In general, this idea of creating mutli-lingual/interlingual fandom communities is hugely appealing to me, and the ability to enjoy fannish works across language and culture barriers is a big part of what I would want in an archive. What follows is basically why this would be awesome (to me), what I think would need to happen for the Ao3 to be a mutilingual fan community, and how the Ao3 would have to develop in regards to features in order to achieve that multilinguality.

thoughts on making the Ao3 more multi-lingual and encouraging multi-lingual fannish interaction )

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Further reading: [personal profile] rodo Why the AO3 needs to be translated
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On the One True Characterization:

TL;DR rant on characters, and some discussion of Final Fantasy X and X-2 )

Summary: There can't be a single characterization because canon information is intentionally incomplete, and individual fans will interpret characters differently.
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Muusu and I finished watching Azumanga Daioh a couple nights ago, and I've been wanting to do a review/analysis of it, simply because it's a lot more intelligent and complex then one might expect a humor/high-school anime to be.

Azumanga Dai-- )For the really spoilery stuff )

I don't know if that makes sense...but I did my best.
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Warnings for rantage and overuse of parentheticals. Examples are from FFX/FFX-2, but no spoilers.

On characters, ships, and idenitifcation )

And that perhaps, is why I cannot really get behind liking or hating any character or ship.
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