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Mostly for my own reference. Prompts I've submitting for [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest.

Liar Game, Fukunaga Yuuji, She wants to give living openly as a woman another chance.

Liar Game, Fukunaga Yuuji, transition hadn't been what zie had expected. Zie is as confused as everyone else seems to be.

Liar Game, Kanzaki Nao/Fukunaga Yuuji, Nao realizes that her attraction to Akiyama doesn't exclude an attraction to Fukunaga.

Liar Game, Fukunaga Yuuji/Kanzaki Nao/Akiyama Shinichi, Nao meant well when she outed Fukunaga's crush on Akiyama, and it didn't end badly, but that doesn't mean Fukunaga isn't a little resentful.

Liar Game, Kanzaki Nao, Nao debates whether she should come out to her dying father about her pansexuality. He always wanted her to be an honest girl, but this probably wasn't what he had in mind.

Liar Game, Fukunaga Yuuji/Akiyama Shinichi, Akiyama's rejection of Fukunaga reminds her of past experiences of transphobia, but he's just wondering why it's so hard for people to accept his asexuality.

Liar Game, Kanzaki Nao/Akiyama Shinichi, They love each other, but he's asexual and she's very definitely not, and now they have to figure out if they can make this whole thing work out.

Liar Game, Kanzaki Nao, She always thought it would be different if she met the right man, but after meeting such a wide variety of them, she's still (almost) exclusively attracted to women.

Liar Game, Yokoya Norihiko, He's had the best transition money can buy, but he still worries that he's not masculine enough to pass.

Liar Game, Kanzaki Nao/Fukunaga Yuuji, It's fine that Nao's starting to understand her pansexuality, but Fukunaga is definitely a straight trans woman.

Liar Game, Fukunaga Yuuji, She originally used the make up and wigs to convince people that she's really transsexual, but she wishes people would accept that her femininity exists beyond that.

Liar Game, Fukunaga Yuuji, Everyone thinks that she transitioned just to be more attractive to men, but Miyahara Hitomi is more than just her roommate.

Liar Game, any of the dealers, For a deeply closeted LGBT person, it's refreshing sometimes to not have to hide the fact that ze's hiding.

Liar Game, Kanzaki Nao, All these people seem to mistake her kindness for an interest in romance/sex, but honestly she's never understood why people make such a fuss about it.

Liar Game, Either Akiyama's father or Nao's mother, Zie tried the whole heteronormativity thing, but couldn't live a lie. Zir former spouse always told their kid that zie was dead. Now zie is contemplating getting back in touch with their grown children.

Liar Game, Akiyama's mother or Nao's father, struggling with being LGBT and trying to raise a child by zirself at the same time.

Liar Game, any character, a place where no one will ever see you again and where violence is severely penalized? someone is taking the opportunity to "try-out" expressing their true sexuality/gender identity.

Liar Game, Makizono Kazuya, watching Fukunaga as a confident, out transwoman/genderqueer person makes zir wonder if zie can do the same.

Liar Game, Akiyama Shinichi, gay but introverted--all he wants is a companion NOT the whole community/lifestyle/culture that others seem to think 
comes with it.

Liar Game, Akiyama Shinichi/Kanzaki Nao, it's nice to finally meet another asexual, but while one of them is hetero/bi/panromantic and falling in love, the other just wants to remain friends.

Liar Game, Akiyama Shinichi/Kanzaki Nao, he absolutely adores her, but he has no clue how to come out to her as an asexual.

Liar Game, Kanzaki Nao, she's happily married to Akiyama but that doesn't mean she's comfortable pretending she's 100% straight.

Liar Game, Fukunaga Yuuji, she's finally in the right body and happy with herself, but while she's comfortable with the 'T' part of her idenity, she's disturbed that isn't as straight as she thought she was.

Liar Game, Fukunaga Yuuji, she's confessed her crush to Akiyama but he's gay and definitely not interested in someone who identifies as a woman.

Final Fantasy X, Tidus, it's not the 'of Jecht' part of 'son of Jecht' that bothers her so much--it's the 'son' part.

Final Fantasy X, Auron, it wasn't just refusing the hand of the maester's daughter that stopped him from getting that promotion--homophobia in the Yevon theocracy.

Final Fantasy X, Braska, He loves his wife and his daughter, but he's still bisexual.

Final Fantasy X, Jecht, He married her trying to prove he wasn't gay, but being in Spira turned that on its head.

Final Fantasy X, Lulu, She loved Chappu and Auron but she loved Yuna and Lady Ginnem the same way.

Final Fantasy X, Kimahri, Zir fellow warriors have always teased zir for being small, does zie really want to make the fact the ze's gay/bi/trans/intersex known?

Final Fantasy X, Kimahri, Among the humans, his asexuality was completely accepted, if only for the wrong reasons, back among the Ronso he's expected to have a mate.

Final Fantasy X/X-2, Lucil/Elma, while it's okay to be out in the Crusaders, there's still a lot of restrictions about how 'out' they're allowed to be.

Final Fantasy X-2, Baralai, would the members of the New Yevon faction accept an openly gay leader?

Final Fantasy X-2, Rikku, the Al Bhed are pretty accepting of gays and lesbians, but try explaining to them that to you that gender doesn't matter when it comes to love and sex.

Final Fantasy X/X-2, Brother, Everyone's always called him that, even before he transitioned.

Final Fantasy X-2, Paine, No one ever believes her when she says she likes men as well as women.

Final Fantasy XI, any Galka, zie's never been comfortable just being a "he".

Final Fantasy XI, any Mithra, there are in fact more male mithras than one might guess, but most of them have the same body as female ones.

Final Fantasy XI, Prishe, after living 20 years as an abomination, she can't understand why the people of Tavnazia are making a big deal about her being a lesbian.

Final Fantasy XI, Foudeel, Wahboud, or Bashraf, The water Tehf spilled on him only exaggerated the inclinations that were already present. Too bad the object of his affections is straight.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Minako, She doesn't want to give up her career as an idol but she's tired of pretending that she's straight and her manager warns her that this will be career suicide.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Minako, while coming out ruined her chance of being a pop-idol, she's become a huge star in the Japanese lesbian community.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Minako/Rei, Minako recognizes herself in Rei and wants to be there to help Rei understand her identity as a lesbian.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Rei, At least now that she's out, her father has stopped trying to use her for his political gain.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Rei, She doesn't like men, and she really doesn't care for women much in that way either. Why does everyone else make such a big deal over romance?

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Makoto, He's always felt like a man inside, and while he still loves Motoki, Motoki only loves Makoto as a woman.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Ami, She loves her partners for their minds and hearts, not their bodies, and that's okay for her.
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