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My names: [personal profile] dagas_isa, shortened to Dagas, or Jais.

Here’s what you need to know about my journal: It’s mine.

It’s a mix of fannish creations, meta, and personal life posts.

Feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe grant access/remove access at will. I usually don’t grant access, but rest assured all the good stuff is public.

I don’t mark posts as safe for work or not safe for work, but I do cut or link potentially NSFW content with ample warning that it is not safe for work. I trust people to exercise their best judgement.

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dagas_isa: Kanzaki Nao from Liar Game (Default)
About the Author: In so many words a socially-awkward, fandom-obsessed museum person-thing. White, cis-female, immigrant-descended, sex-positive, and with a uh...messed up sense of attraction.

About the Journal:This journal is mostly fandom/meta related, possibly some other assorted forms of geekery.

My current major fandom is Liar Game, an incredibly obscure seinen manga involving a foolishly honest girl, a genius con artist, mind games based on real social psychology, and lots of money at stake. There's also a drama series, but I really don't fangirl that so much. I've also done some Final Fantasy fanworks, mostly for the later ones.

This journal also has me expressing major love on female characters and yuri/femslash ships and het ships. This is not the place to bash on female characters (or really, any characters), or romantic ships that involve girls.

Note that while I usually do not label my journal as NSFW or 18+, this journal does discuss and link to sexy-stuffs and porn. I trust you, the readers, to choose whether to read the NSFW stuff or not.

Subscription/Access Policy: Feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe/grant access/remove access/etc as you see fit. For now I probably won't grant access unless I know you from LJ. I can pretty much guarantee that there's nothing totally special there unless you actually do know me. As far as being granted access, I solemnly swear not to quote from/link to locked entries unless granted explicit permission to do so.

Usage Policy: Unless otherwise stated, all linked fanfiction/fanarts are free for remixing/podficcing/reccing, just let me know what you're doing and link me to the results so I can squee all over it.

All icons can be used as bases. Commenting and crediting are not mandatory, but they're nice. Hotlinking, on the other hand, sucks. Don't do it.

All unlocked content and meta is free for the linking as well, although again, just let me know where it's been linked.

Important Links:

Master List of All Fics at AO3
Master List of Fan Art at Deviant Art
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