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Fari-Wari is a little Tarutaru bard who's looking for inspiration for his latest masterpiece, and so he recruits the player, a hapless adventurer, to unearth the stories of the five Serpent Generals of Aht Urghan. This video shows the highlights, including the all important scene where Mihli Aliapoh makes her escape by jumping on the flat of the Elvaan general's blade, and then uses his face as a spring board to leap on to architecture. Well played, Ms. Aliapoh.

I think that quest line plus Three Men and a Closet (a.k.a. a good-natured parody of slashy subtext and yaoi fangirls) are probably my favorite quest stories in FFXI.
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So, I was looking through [personal profile] nextian's female character yenta meme and found her rec for a Katara and Toph vid to the song "Loathing" and that was awesome. And so was a related video. =P

Songs from the musical Wicked and footage from A:TLA

First up: Katara and Toph would like to tell each other how they really feel. (link)

And then: Ty Lee takes on the project of making Azula popular. (link)

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