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Written for [community profile] month_of_meta:

Ten things that I've observed while being a member of small fandom and watching members of larger fandoms at work and play.

Disclaimer: This is not a guide for making your small fandom live, and it's definitely not a universal experience. All attempts to generalize have been made by a desk-chair anthropologist, and while it's true to my perspective, I certainly don't mean to imply that anyone else's view is invalid.

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Please note that these are hypotheses, not definitive statements. And that even if all these reasons are all totally true and applicable everywhere (which they aren’t), none of them are inherently bad or good things.


I’m using ‘more conservative’ for more fic that focuses on realism or a fairly narrow set of realistic tropes, and ‘out there’ for tropes that are more geared towards idfic or common fanfic fantasy set-ups.

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For [personal profile] maat_seshat, who asked for either Nao or Unohana. This is Nao.

These answers are about things I find fundamental to characters. I really do like playing around with varying possibilities, crack theories, different identity conceptions and a lot of other things that sound really pretentious when it's obvious that I write a lot of mediocre short fic, but these are things that regardless of twisting (such as that In Nomine/Liar Game crossover where Nao is a Mercurian of Yves in service of Novalis in a chess game between Novalis and Malphas or a young trans woman creating a story wherein she gets to be completely girly and save the world her way and get both the guy and a best-friend/mentor) that hold true for the character. Sorry. >.> Just saying, these are the fundamentals.

You might find me a bit *ahem* opinionated as to how to write Nao, and I'm about 99% positive that that way I see her is unlike how most of the rest of the fandom sees her. So this is what makes her both 'in-character' for me and worth writing about as a character. Oh yeah, and this is Manga!Nao because I write her pretty much exclusively.

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If you'd like, you can still ask for a character here and I'll give them a similar treatment.
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Just thinking, I guess. It seems weird that I find the lack of commenting on Ao3 to be a feature not a bug.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I like comments. Spontaneous comments can make my day and make me feel like less of a freak for writing the stories I do, but I also do like the idea of being able to post something for people to read and not worry about the types of comments I'm going to get. Or not get. If I want a quick shot of attention for my works, I know what to do and where to go.

Comments aren't really a huge motivation for me, for quite a few reasons:

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Because I'm actually in love-love with the "five things" trope. Five things I believe about Fanfic, and how that affects what I write.

It's like 5 things fic, but with meta )

I should so do my pink soda post tomorrow. If I get enough work on my thesis done. Or a five things post on why I really like the five things fic structure. =P

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characters from the liar game drama and manga
From left: Eri (drama), Leronira (manga), Nao (drama), Nao (manga), Fukunaga (drama), Fukunaga (manga), Yokoya (drama), Yokoya (manga). Fanart by Tsugumi.

Doing this somewhat telegraphically. Also, with linkage and eyecandy. Also, with minor spoilers.

My general preference Manga > Drama. I like the characters better, and I'm generally better with looking at still pictures instead of watching moving ones.

General Info

Liar Game is a seinen manga series originally written by Shinobu Kaitani and serialized in Weekly Young Jump magazine. In 2007 it was adapted into a drama series, with a second season in 2009 and a movie released in March 2010.

The Premise

Girl finds herself in the middle of a high-stakes game and can't get out. Girl loses money, convinces con-artist to help her get it back. Social psychology and hijinks ensue.

I've heard Liar Game compared to Death Note (because Akiyama's a genius who looks like a combination between L and Light, and there's mind games), but that's kind of inaccurate and fails to do Liar Game justice. It's more like a more optimistic version of Kaiji with a female hero instead of a male one and with a super-educated Akagi dragged in to be her ally.
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Thinky thoughts on translation/multi-lingual features for Ao3, and my personal fantasy features for making fanfiction translations more accessible for fans. This is a completely tangential spin-off from this post by [personal profile] lian, particularly:

I know a bit about advocating for not yet existing users. The strong parallel I draw is between making the Archive English only, because, well, this is where we're at at the moment -- English-language mediafandom. But I think it would be ineffably sad if we denied our own potential as an organisation, denied ourselves to grow and become richer, because we were unable to consider and incorporate other voices and perspectives. Other languages, other definitions of fannish community, of fanworks.

And particularly this comment thread in that post started by [personal profile] boosette which elaborates on translations features.

In general, this idea of creating mutli-lingual/interlingual fandom communities is hugely appealing to me, and the ability to enjoy fannish works across language and culture barriers is a big part of what I would want in an archive. What follows is basically why this would be awesome (to me), what I think would need to happen for the Ao3 to be a mutilingual fan community, and how the Ao3 would have to develop in regards to features in order to achieve that multilinguality.

thoughts on making the Ao3 more multi-lingual and encouraging multi-lingual fannish interaction )

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Further reading: [personal profile] rodo Why the AO3 needs to be translated


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