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So I finished the initial blorg of my Yuletide fic. So I'll come back to it in a few days and figure out if it something I can whip into shape, something that I can take out a portion of and work on that, or just plain start over.

Hopefully that is vague enough to keep people wondering.

I've also decided that after watching the first 7 episodes (4 subbed, 3 unsubbed) of Odakyo that:
1) This is seriously my happy place.
2) Ishihara Satomi is both gorgeous and talented.
3) I'm kind of shipping Kyoko/Kaoru.

Also...umm...lol at the girl who played Sailor Luna in PGSM and the guy who played Motoki both showing up in the latest episode. It'd make kind of a hilarious crossover.

Actually...Odakyo/PGSM would make a totally awesome crossover. You could totally get Rei and/or Minako to go on Occultalk, and then Odakyo could totally make something up about them being warriors in the past life and have it be both so far off as to be laughable and so close to the mark as to be scary.

I'm actually writing some Kyoko and Kaoru gen stuff now, and debating whether to post it at [community profile] fic_promptly under one of the author's choice prompts.
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What can I say? I'm falling in love with this pairing again. Also, I'd say both of these are pretty spoilery, particularly the second one.

Mars and Venus:

I'll always remember...

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One to Ten (Liar Game,
Akiyama, Orgasm Control)
Summary: He always climaxes on a ten, if he climaxes at all.
Content notes: (skip) Passing mention of suicide.

Camera Shy (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live-action), Minako/Rei, Film/Photography)
Summary: Minako does this to help Rei get over her camera shyness, but she has other reasons as well.
Content notes: None

And in further random kb thoughts and plotbunnies )
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