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Jun. 9th, 2010 07:08 pm
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So two neat things happened in regards to [ profile] lgbtfest

First, a response to one of my prompts was posted: What He Can Do by [ profile] lysythe for the prompt: "Liar Game, Yokoya Norihiko, He's had the best transition money can buy, but he still worries that he's not masculine enough to pass."

I think it does a good job of showing Yokoya's transness and the related issues he faces sympathetically while also keeping his character in-line with his canon nastiness. Point of reference for canon: This is someone who took over an entire high-school, apparently for the pleasure of watching his fellow students struggle against each other for power.

Second, I did managed to post Out of the Blue Box for amnesty today. The response has been pretty good (kind of overwhelming in a good way, actually) and better than I hoped.

Short form: A set of four first-person stories talking about transgender/genderqueer people and the morphing technology.

Thoughts and commentary in case you want some author ramblings )
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Between a marathon of work yesterday and today, I've basically got the rough draft of "Out of (or Into) the Blue Box" finished (a.k.a. the Animorphs fic I'm writing for [ profile] lgbtfest) It's about 7300 words.

Animorphs, any character, post-series: the effect of morphing technology on the transgendered community.

Random notes about writing process potential major edits, to be used later. )
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Newish Fic: Five Trivial Side Effects of the Liar Game

Mission: Cheer myself up after a fairly ugly week. Also, girl power.


  • Nao as a POV character (on one hand, it's fun. on the second hand, it's harder than one might think).
  • Use the 5 things structure as a way of keeping things light, easy, and themed.
  • Demonstrate five small ways her situation has changed her/strengthened her.
  • Keep Akiyama out of focus. Two of the five scenarios imply a crush on him, but only in conjunction with other changes.
  • More Fukunaga + Nao friendship goodness.
  • Bits of recognition glee (the green tea she always serves the fake lawyer, statistics + school "friends", the teddy bear, a reference to a to-be-translated bit, and a 100 yen coin.)
  • End on "punch lines," just like ficlets should.

Outcome: Very accomplished.

Mostly, the Ao3 version is still getting edited here and there as I fix typos and find small ways to improve it. I'm also wondering if I like it better as themed one-shot, or as five short chapters. I put it up whole on LJ and FFN, but chaptered on Ao3.


So, signed up for [ profile] lgbtfest, and claimed a prompt.

No, not Liar Game. Animorphs, which lol, I was huge into the series when I was younger, and they still have a similar charm today. Plus, the prompt hits a huge sweet-spot of mine besides the nostalgia.

Cultural-implications. *wipes drool from her mouth* Anyway, I have an idea in mind and a structure for the prompt. Basically a look at the effects of the morphing technology on the transgendered community, through the perspectives of five trans individuals, including one who identifies as genderfluid. Two Andalite perspectives, three human perspectives and hopefully a connection between both species at the end.

So far I've been rereading most of the Andalite/alien centered books, as well as the finale to get a better idea of the post-Yeerk Invasion Earth/galaxy.

Wondering if any title featuring a "Blue Box" pun would be too cringe worthy. The Blue Box being the device which grants the morphing power in canon.

Also wondering if I can get it done considering thesis defense is the day before my posting date.
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