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My story:

The Final Confession of Shabhira Moons Stalker (4946 words) by favicondagas isa
Fandom: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Original Characters

Any war between the Thalmor and the Imperials over the kingdoms of Elsweyr would leave many Khajiit dead unless there was a way to effectively give one side such an overwhelming advantage that a war could be won without a single arrow being fired in its name.

The Thalmor had shown me the linchpin that fastened Elsweyr to the empire. And so, I pulled it.

TL;DR about the writing of this fic. Spoilers for some worldbuilding stuff. )
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Happy Holidays to everyone who is celebrating something right now, and to everyone else, a good ordinary day.

[personal profile] muusu has been taking vacation time, this past week, so we've been getting to see each other a bit. Otherwise, things just hit a funk and I'm hoping that there will be reversal in fortune. It's been very meh, to say the least.

I now own a hard copy of SNSD's The Boys album, which means I am fighting off the urge to shout the hook to "The Boys." The presents from my parents are being held hostage in our complex's office until tomorrow because we weren't even aware of their arrival until yesterday when Mom asked about them. (As in, we were not notified. Which is what I mean by a funk, because this has been the recurring pattern of December 2011)

I also have a giraffe figurine, and a bunny pin for a hat.

Yuletide is up, and I received one gift.

Weather the Storm (1383 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Sixth Sense - Brown Eyed Girls (Music Video)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Miryo/Jea
Characters: Miryo, Jea, Narsha, Ga-In

While she was usually an optimist, something about the frenzied, unpredictable way the resistance made their first move against the corrupt government upset Jea. The rebels professed they sought freedom, but created chaos instead.

Yay femslash, yay fic for this music vid, and yay getting a pairing focused on Jea and Miryo (who seem to always be in the shadow cast by Narsha and Ga-In).

I also wrote a single story.

Annoying hints for people who like guessing )
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Dear Yuletide Dromedary:

Hello, and thank you for being my Yuletide author. These three fandoms are near to my heart in various ways, and I’m so happy to know you offered to write for one or more of them.

The first thing you should know: I am a huge fan of female characters. I love het, femslash/yuri, and female-focused gen. My tastes run more to the fluffy/happy side, but I don't mind angst or bad things happening in the story just as long as the ending is happy or hopeful. I don't mind high ratings, but I don't want excessive violence or a straight-up PWP fic. If there's sex, I want it to be a vital part of the story and specific to the characters, not just for the sexy factor.

I don't mind m/m as a background element, but I would prefer the story be more focused on at least one female character, even then.

As for things I definitely would not enjoy: Character bashing of all types, sad depressing grimdark stories with little hope to be found, excessive violence, character death, and non-con. The story doesn't need to be all sunshine and rainbows, but there does need to be some light.

Now for some fandom specifics:

Liar Game )

Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense Music Video )

Final Fantasy XI )

Anyway, good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with. =D
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Title: The Closest Place to Forever
Fandom: Cat Street
Characters: Sonoda Nako, Mine Kouichi, Ishikawa Sarina, Aoyama Keito
Rating: G
Word Count: 3169
Summary: Nako spends three days at the newly rebuilt El Liston.
Spoilers: Takes place after the post-canon side story.

Notes: written for [archiveofourown.org profile] Effiecakes who requested a Cat Street fic. I enjoyed getting a chance to go through the canon and speculate on what life would be like at El Liston.

Read at Ao3.

My received story, Stay was written by [archiveofourown.org profile] Tangerine. So thank you for the story Tangerine. ^^ It was very obvious that you knew the canon and your story definitely made me want to return to Vana'diel.
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So I finished the initial blorg of my Yuletide fic. So I'll come back to it in a few days and figure out if it something I can whip into shape, something that I can take out a portion of and work on that, or just plain start over.

Hopefully that is vague enough to keep people wondering.

I've also decided that after watching the first 7 episodes (4 subbed, 3 unsubbed) of Odakyo that:
1) This is seriously my happy place.
2) Ishihara Satomi is both gorgeous and talented.
3) I'm kind of shipping Kyoko/Kaoru.

Also...umm...lol at the girl who played Sailor Luna in PGSM and the guy who played Motoki both showing up in the latest episode. It'd make kind of a hilarious crossover.

Actually...Odakyo/PGSM would make a totally awesome crossover. You could totally get Rei and/or Minako to go on Occultalk, and then Odakyo could totally make something up about them being warriors in the past life and have it be both so far off as to be laughable and so close to the mark as to be scary.

I'm actually writing some Kyoko and Kaoru gen stuff now, and debating whether to post it at [community profile] fic_promptly under one of the author's choice prompts.
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Got assignment. Surprised, but not unpleasantly.
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Dear Yuletide Writer-Giraffe-Person,

First off, thank you for participating and yay for offering to write in at least one of my pet fandoms. A fic in any of these canons would make me absolutely happy. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to write for me, and above all else, I hope you have fun doing it. ^^

I am a huge fan of female characters of all kinds and female characters being awesome in any and all capacities. I like gen, het, and femslash. Any rating is fine, but I'd rather not see excessive violence or PWP.

My favorite story/plot kinks include domesticity, worldbuilding, unusual modes of transportation, and non-violent action. I am a sucker for canon characters as kids, especially if another character is temporarily forced into a parent/elder-sibling/caretaker role. I don't mind crack!fic, particularly if it features one or more characters getting pets. Angst is nice as long as the ending is happy/hopeful.

I really like quiet stories, slice of life, and character vignettes. I like witty banter and dialogue that conveys more than just what the words are saying. I love powerful but understated shows of intimacy. I like emotional-conflict where all involved are sympathetic. I like crushes, shows of devotion,and I love seeing symbiotic relationships.

I like sexual content if it's there to show something about the character(s) or relationship involved or if it advances the plot. Anything from vanilla to kink is fine. I particularly like reading about a character's fantasies or sexual contact that still leaves more to be discovered.

As far as what I wouldn't like, I hate any kind of character bashing, particularly of female characters. Please don't do darkfic (no character death/excessive violence/non-con). The story doesn't need to be all sugar and rainbows, but I would like there to be at least some hope.

I would prefer not to receive anything with an m/m pairing as the main focus. If the story you come up with has an m/m pairing in the background background, that's fine, but I'd rather the primary focus be on something else. Preferably a female character.

Now onto specific fandom requests.

Empowered (any) )

Final Fantasy XI (any) )

BOSS (Eriko Ozawa, Kimoto Mami, Narahashi Reiko )

Liar Game (any) )

Anyway, I hope that is helpful to you, Yuletide Writer and that it sparks your imagination. Please have a lot of fun with this. ^^
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